Gents Pairs Open 26th August 2020 – Request to Members

Gentlemen Fellow Members

Your help would be appreciated in encouraging golfing friends colleagues work associates to participate in our Mens Open on 26th August. We currently have 30 pairs signed up and we are planning to run this event.

This Open Competition has been in the diary for months. As we are only running one Mens‘ invitation this year, we are very keen to make the Gents Pairs Open a big success.

Covid has inevitably affected our green fee income this year, lost revenue that unfortunately is not recoverable! This is an ideal opportunity for a bit of society or corporate golf, perhaps some employer would welcome a bit of light relief after lock down!

An email or friendly bit of arm twisting spreading the word with your

Golfing buddies might encourage entry taking full advantage of our wonderful Golf Course.

John Trott

Chair of Communication

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