Preparation of a revised golfing calendar for 2020/21

At this moment we do not know when our ability to play golf again will return. However, it is crucial that we plan ahead now so that we are ready to recommence our golfing activities (including competitions, matches and other golfing events) immediately the Government relaxes or removes the current restrictions. This of course will mean revising the current golfing calendar, with some competitions and other events either being re-arranged or even cancelled altogether for this year.

Therefore, the Golf Committee, consulting with others as necessary, will be working over the coming weeks to produce a recovery plan for our golfing calendar. It will be based on 3 different timeline scenarios – assuming that competition golf resumes on either 1st May, 1st June or 1st July.

We will also shortly be letting you know how we intend to take forward the various summer knockout competitions, including how to enter if you have not already done so and how to withdraw if you no longer wish to play in them. Again, we will need to plan for different options to run these competitions depending on the start date.

In the meantime, please do get in touch if you have any questions on golf-related matters.

Tony Walker
Chair of Golf

30th March 2020

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