1. Pauline Jones says:

    Suggest a buggy park for Club to be able to house more buggies and or maybe rent a space for members use of personal purchased buggies.

    With our current demand for buggies, many times the Pro shop are unable to meet the needs of members. Also personal buggies have to be made road worthy and the owners have to have facilities for re charging at home address, This is not always possible to achieve, so a personal purchase cannot be made.

    1. Jo Lloyd says:


      Your suggestion is a great idea; it would be a beneficial use to many and would even bring in some revenue to the club – always a good thing!

      This is indeed one of the main thoughts that we have had already, along with perhaps having more electric caddy space with charge points.

      Your input is appreciated and will be included in the further discussions and considerations for this space.


      Alan D Jones.
      (H&P Committee).

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