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Hi Martin,

I hope you’re well and thanks as always for your continued efforts with Scott and the team in creating what’s been a brilliant course over the summer. I can certainly speak on behalf of the younger guys that it’s been a pleasure to play and we are now proud to invite guests/other teams.

I just want to make a point about course setup which I feel needs particular attention.

At varying times throughout the year, we’ve noticed a few issues ranging from tee placements to pin positions. In particular, Thursday (last week), the pins were bordering on unplayable at times. There’s always 1 or 2 that are a bit silly but on Thursday, there was 9/10. It seems such a shame for the course to be the best its ever been, yet the setup is becoming a bit of a problem at times.

I understand that the new pins are often chosen far away from previous hole locations to allow the ground to recover. Is there any consideration in where they actually go?

Is there a consistent course setup plan we could put into place to get the best out of our course?


HGC Response


Morning Ally

Many thanks for your email and the positive feedback therein.

Re course set up and pin placements in particular.

I will certainly raise the matter with Scott and ask him to provide some additional input to the staff regarding appropriate pin placements.

We do not have a detailed pin location plan although there is a standard operating procedure which, as you have identified, directs staff not to place a pin near to the one that is being replaced. Staff will also position a pin where there are blemishes or imperfections on the greens so as to remove the core. In addition for major golfing events the Course Manager and/or Club Professional will identify and mark pin locations in advance of such events e.g Club Championships, Cheshire Strokeplay etc.

As I say I will raise the issue with Scott to address with his team and although I didn’t play in the comp last Thursday so can’t comment on placements but don’t dispute your observations, I did note that a significant number of those competing shot well below their handicaps!!! 😊


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