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As a follow on from the suggestion last month re buggies in competitions
Firstly I fully agree that buggies should not be automatically allowed in comps, with the exception of a medical certificate however, could I suggest that we also consider another provision?
All members aged 75 and over also be allowed to use a buggy if one is available and they wish to do so with an ever ageing membership profile with this inclusion we could extend the playing “life” of many members who would otherwise not be able / wish to play, Allowing over 75’s to use a buggy would not only ensure their ability to play but possibly also help with pace of play in comps?

None of us are professional golfers, and personally, I am not overly bothered if a member uses a buggy or not, but I think we should try as much as possible to keep all our comps as inclusive as possible and recognise the loyalty and investment many of our more senior members have put into the club?

HGC Response

Dear Bryan

Many thanks for your suggestion and for your follow-up onto the issue of buggy use.

Your suggestion of members over the age of 75 being able to use a buggy in competitions if one was available and they wished to do so is certainly a valid one to raise. I fully agree that yes, wherever possible, the Club should always attempt to be as inclusive as possible in its dealings with all branches of the membership and recognise the loyalty and investment they make to the successful life and running of HGC.

However, in the case of competitions, the issue of buggy use depends on their availability and as noted in previous suggestion box replies by the Chair of Council, given that the Club only has 3 buggies at its disposal, their use by those who most need them (ie those with a specific medical condition or are registered disabled) must take priority over others. I also think setting a “boundary” on the use of buggies based on an arbitrary age would be open to much interpretation! As you and I know there are many of our members who are 75+ are extremely fit and can complete 18 holes in more than good time! Additionally, there are some members under the age of 75 who will probably consider that their need for a buggy is probably greater. I would also add that the buggies we do have are always available for general play if required, and the restriction on their use is limited to competitions only.

As Chair of Golf, I will certainly continue to monitor the Club’s provision and use of buggies and keep the membership informed as to any future developments.

Kind regards

Harry Kennedy

Chair of Golf 

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