Bryan Baldwin to CHAIR OF HANDICAP

I appreciate that while the WHS system beds in and levels are found, there will be “unusual” scoring in our competitions.

This week’s Trotter is another example of a score being attained, 47 points which is quite simply beyond any possible scope for the vast majority of members. How can a single-figure golfer hope to get 47 points?

To win an 18-hole Stableford by shooting 11 shots under your handicap must mean that your handicap is not accurate?

We all can say it was “0ne of those rounds” but when it gets to that level of attainment I believe it goes beyond that explanation.   As golfers, we all want one thing, to be the lowest we can be.

I understand some clubs, do not allow new members, within their first 12 months of membership to be able to win a board comp.  This allows their playing handicap to find its correct level and to be fair to established members.

I would like to see the handicap committee now be far more proactive with observational adjustments.

We are at a stage now, where the scores being attained are staggering, and for many golfers, with accurate handicaps, are way beyond anything they could possibly attain even on their Sunday best.

Surely it is fairer to regard handicaps as being something we fight to keep as low as possible, rather than a number than can allow us to get such incredible scores ?

If the handicap committee are minded to become more involved in observation and adjustments, I would appreciate that coming out as a circular to the wider membership.

Thanks for all the work you are doing in supporting us to enjoy our golf

Bryan Baldwin


Good morning Bryan

Many thanks for your email last week and please accept my apologies for the delayed response, I have been away on holiday.

May I please advise that the Handicap Committee are meeting next week and we will keep the members fully informed of our intentions.

Kind regards


Hi Clare

Firstly thank you for your holding response prior to the next handicap meeting.

As a follow-up

I won the Trotter this week with 43 points, ( 7 below my handicap ) yet I have come down by less than 1 shot on the WHS system .

This to me reinforces my earlier suggestion that trusting WHS alone to make adjustments is unfair on the wider membership.

Could I make the following suggestion and ask that you put it to the Handicap Committee at your next meeting.

If a comp is won by a margin of 5 shots or less, that your handicap, then we allow the WHS system to make the changes

For every shot with MORE than a 5 shot margin, HGC handicap committee comes into play and reduces the player’s handicap by an additional 0.5 of a shot, this will bring handicaps to a realistic and fair level far quicker .?

Bryan Baldwin


Hi Bryan

Many thanks for getting in touch.

The Handicap Committee have now met and an email has been sent to the membership advising them of the procedure we intend to follow with regard to the unusually high scoring in our competitions.

This includes:-

Reviewing players who have recorded exceptional scores.

Running the WHS Review Report regularly.

Reviewing players who have multiple wins recorded.

Peer reviews.

It is our intention to meet regularly and continually monitor all scores submitted and act accordingly.

We hope this will assure members that appropriate action will be taken and handicaps will therefore be a fair and accurate reflection of an individual’s ability.

Kind regards.


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