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The Football world cup is due to starts in less than a month on 21st November, and the club has the opportunity to engage the members by putting on events linked to the matches involving the home, Nations. To date I have seen no suggestion or events advertised linked to the event.

We could arrange bar menu’s that reflect the Nations playing and in the same way as the Champions League final and recent Euro’s make use of both the lounge and spike bars for members and their guests.

I would ask that included as part of this suggestion the club recognises that the TV in the spike bar is long overdue replacement and for a club of our standing and ambition is embarrassing.

The cost of flat screen TV’s is now a fraction of what they were, and I would ask that as part of any initiative the club includes the purchase of a more current TV to replace the one, we currently have in the spike bar.

HGC Response



Thanks for your excellent suggestion.

As it happens, I was speaking to Genevieve only yesterday about this as she and her committee have come up with some great ideas for the first event – England vs USA – with a plan to continue and extend this for following events in this tournament.

With these great ideas, comes quite a bit of organising, which the Social Committee are on with; however, as you suggest, it would be worthwhile getting some notices out soon, so that members can see what is being considered and can plan accordingly.

By way of this e-mail, Genevieve will be notified of your suggestions and I’m sure will incorporate these into their plans.  I’m sure a note will go out very soon which will advise all members.

Thanks again,


Chair H&P.

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