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It’s great to see the increased popularity in snooker across the club with many new faces becoming involved. Speaking to several members there is a couple of other “indoor” sports we could now consider to increase use of our clubhouse , raise revenue and give members a wider range of social options to consider.
Would the club be receptive in sending out a suggestion across the whole membership for

1) a table tennis table
2) a dart board

It would be easy to locate a dart board in the clubhouse without impacting upon other members , and if we also considered a table tennis table , we could then run in house leagues much the same as snooker for both activities , in addition to members just playing socially ?

HGC Response



Thanks for your suggestion regarding extended social opportunities with table tennis and darts.

We are currently looking at a GF bar refurb, in the near term and also further clubhouse redevelopment in the longer term.   All suggestions that we have received from members, including yours, shall be considered for incorporating into these development plans.

The proposed redevelopment options will be offered to the members for general comment and approval, at the appropriate time.

Best regards,

Alan D Jones

Chair of House & Premises.

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