Bryan Baldwin to CHAIR OF HOUSE

We have a short memory, not that long ago we dodged a bullet when our local Police were able to remove travellers from the club. without direct cost to us, although the subsequent security bill ran into thousands ( and didn’t work .)
Having installed a barrier to protect us from the issue of travellers or trespassers, I have on several occasions come down to the club to find it “open” with access to the car park as easy as ever. I appreciate that hire plant and other vehicles that may need the barrier opening to require access, but it takes two minutes to open then resecure.
I believe travellers are now a returning issue to the Wirral, and when I suggested to the bar staff we close the barrier, they quite fairly pointed out that they were not physically able to do so ( they were too short )
Leo and I re-secured the barrier today it took one minute.   In reality, I am sure there will always be a presence on-site that can help our staff or even any contractors who need access. I cannot see any practical reason why would need to leave the barrier open and our club and property vulnerable, can we now create a Policy where the barrier stays closed and is opened and resecured as an when needed?



Thanks for your note and for the assistance that you and Leo volunteered in closing the barrier.

It is our policy to keep this closed at all times other than when requiring access/egress for plant or deliveries.

All staff will be reminded of this policy to ensure that we keep ourselves protected as much as possible.

Thanks again for your note and your assistance with this.


H&P Committee.

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