Bryan Baldwin to CHAIR OF GREENS

What a difference a month makes , over the last couple of weeks the condition of the course has become unrecognisable from the patchy bumpy greens that we all felt were far below what we deserve at Heswall , to a course which , given the time of year , can only be described as impressive. As members we are all too quick to take a swipe when we are not satisfied , but less enthusiastic to convey thanks and positive feedback , when things are done well . On behalf of my playing group I would ask the Chair of greens to relay our thanks and appreciation to each and every one of the team who are clearly working so hard and so efficiently to bring HGC back to a place where it should always have been. One suggestion , could the green staff be awarded a new radio that can tune into a wider variety of stations , their choice in music is ……………… well done greens staff ,


Good morning Bryan

Many thanks for your feedback and positive comments which I have already conveyed to Scott and his team along with my own.

I agree we are now starting to see significant improvements on the course. I am in no doubt that these improvements will continue at pace under Scott’s leadership.

In fairness to our green staff, I think it may have been the Ecobunker contractors with a questionable taste in music, but they were from Cardiff !!!!!!! 😊



Bryan Baldwin

Good morning Martin

Everything now makes perfect sense 😄

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