Whoever was responsible for the recent funding initiative for Rachel should be applauded, That young lady more than deserves her chance to compete on tour.

Like most of us, I have seen Rachel on the practice ground over the years from being a tiny young girl, in all weathers, rain, hail wind and sun putting in hundreds of hours to the tour player she has become.   Showing a level of dedication and commitment that most of us will never get near and all for a chance to compete with others who possibly have a far easier route into the tour.

She is always polite friendly and has time for everyone, and as a Heswall member, I think she is a great ambassador for our club and a great credit to us.

Well done to whoever has organised this initiative and I hope across the membership we all show our appreciation and support for Rachel in this quest to be a tour player.


Good morning Bryan

Thank you for your email – our previous Chair of Communications and PR, John Trott, has devised this initiative in collaboration with Rachael Goodall and Jason Dransfield, and has been instrumental in bringing this to the Club Council for approval, along with all subsequent communications to members

I have therefore copied him into this email should he wish to respond directly

Best wishes

Jo Lloyd



No problem at all, Rachel is known to so many of us, her dedication is beyond impressive.

To be honest I’m a little disappointed with the uptake, given our member profile we should all be able to put something into the pot no matter how small.

I think there is quite a number of members, possibly at the older end of the scale who seldom if ever use the website? I’m not sure how, but if we could identify a mechanism to make them also aware I am sure they may be supportive.




Hi Bryan

It’s starting to gain traction now through the various communications in the clubhouse, social media and email system, and we are well on track with donations both online and in-person and also have a Benefit match planned for May which will hopefully raise more money for Rachael which you may want to take part in – date is 15th May

Best wishes


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