Callum Dalton to CHAIR OF GOLF

Trotter Series – New Gross and Scratch Competitions


Hi. I’d like to ask about the recent email regarding the new weekly Trotter best gross prizes and end-of-series scratch trophy. I don’t object to their introduction, and it’s good to look for ways to improve existing procedures.

However, as higher handicappers will have no realistic chance of competing for these prizes, would it make sense to offer them something as well?
For example, the weekly Two’s competitions are normally dominated by Division 1 players. In all 18 hole competitions so far this year, the percentages of Two’s winners from Division 1 range from 66% to 100%, with the majority (six out of the last nine comps I looked at) being 80% or above.

Would it be possible to split the Two’s competitions and run one for each division? I am sure that there will be logistical and administrative issues to resolve but, based on the evidence, it would appear to be the right thing to do.

I hope you will take these comments in the constructive spirit that they are offered, and I am very happy to talk them through with you whenever you wish.

Kind regards,


Harry Kennedy

Dear Callum,

Many thanks for your email and suggestions for how the Men’s Thursday Trotter series might be made more equitable.

I will gladly take your views to the next meeting of the Golf Committee (22.6.22) for their review and discussion and provide you with a response as soon as possible thereafter.

Kind regards

Harry Kennedy

Chair of Golf

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