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Can we introduce two or more additional winter holes if we are going to keep the 10th and 11th closed for the next few weeks ? We used to make every effort to have 18 holes for the members and we could bring back the old 15th green playing from the right of the second green.

We could also use the old 6th green and walk from the new 6th green to play it then back to the 7th tee. This would mean members could still enjoy 18 holes. In future I would like to see permanent winter holes which some courses like my fathers old course at Northumberland GC had to pre-empt wet weather.

HGC Response


Many thanks for your suggestion.

This was a subject discussed at the meeting of the Green Committee last week and a number of alternative options for course routing during the winter were discussed and presented to the Course Manager, this included using the old 15th and 6th greens. Scott will now give consideration to using these holes during the winter where appropriate.

Our aim is always to keep 18 holes open but not where it will adversely affect the long term condition of any specific hole.

We do not intend keeping the 10th and 11th holes closed for several weeks and will be opening both tomorrow (Saturday) resulting in all 18 holes being open.


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