David Pennington to Chair of House

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Could we please have a couple of toasters, placed close to the coffee machine in the spike bar.

People wanting toasted tee cakes could request them from the bar , and toast them themselves. I waited some considerable time to order drinks and food from the restaurant the other day.

One member of the bar team was having her time taken up toasting tea cakes. It is after all a bar, not an extension on the kitchen.

HGC Response


Thank you for your suggestion regarding additional toasters for members use to prepare teacakes.  This has been very carefully considered and I’m afraid to say that it is not accepted as a viable proposition.

The Staff have been made aware of the valid complaint that you have raised and will endeavour to avoid any unnecessary delays in the future.

Many thanks for taking the time in highlighting this problem and offering your suggestion .


Alan D Jones.

Chair of House & Premises.

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