Howard Williams to CHAIR OF GREEN

To Chairman of Greens

Course looking better every day,  great job being done by yourself and our greens staff who are visible on the course.

May I suggest that if lift and place is in force members should be able to use fairway mats from their position on the fairway OR place in the rough on their preferred side,  there should now be no one who is unhappy!!
May I also suggest a camera on the first tee so we can see the vast majority of members who start their round with no divot mix bag and therefore quite obviously no intention of improving the course.??

Suggestion ….fill the divot bags and have an inexhaustible supply ADJACENT to the first tee (and the ladies tee) so they can’t be missed.
Ask the pro shop to remind all members prior to their round, make it impossible to avoid.



Good morning

Many thanks for your feedback and positive comments which I have passed to Scott and his team.

Your suggestion regarding the use of Astroturf mats by those who wish to play shots from the fairway and lift and place into the first cut of rough for those who don’t wish to play from mats is something the Green Committee will consider when agreeing what measures should be introduced for next winter. On a personal note, I believe this is a sensible solution and has significant merit.

I believe there is CCTV coverage of the 1st tee, although to date we have not asked Tom and his team to identify those who do not take divot bags onto the course with them.

The Green Committee will consider your suggestion regarding placing filled divot bags in front of the ladies’ and men’s tees, although to do this we would need to identify and purchase a suitable stand to hold the bags and which it is possible to move to correspond with the tee markers on any given day.

Best regards

Martin Andrew

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