Howard Williams to CHAIR OF HOUSE

With regard to the replacement patio furniture.

1.   After pointing out to several members of our group of 16 who played on Thursday the general consensus was that the proposed replacement furniture was not of high enough quality to put up with the industrial use the terrace will subject it to.

2 .  Two members have furniture that was purchased from the Siam company you mentioned and predicted it will fall apart.

3 the tables and their leg support mechanics do not allow 5 or 6 round a table for 4 Circular tables are more versatile.

4.   consensus from the group was that there is nothing wrong with our existing furniture except it had been incorrectly treated last season and needed stripping and either re-oiling or allowed to weather naturally.
5.   Outdoor cushions were thought to be a great idea.
6.   Before spending more money on a “retrograde improvement ” which is so often a Heswall Golf Club outcome then take a proper opinion pole.  Develop a plan for the whole lower floor bar area and see what the members determine is the highest priority.

Personally, I would like to see the verandah canopy upgraded,  the lower main lounge redecorated and refurnished before spending 20K PLUS ON replacement patio furniture that is worse than what we have already.



Thanks for your e-mail.  We would answer your concerns as follows:

  1. We have provided a sample so that members could review and make their comments.  Obviously, we can never expect to get 100% support to any suggestion, but I have to say that the large majority of members that have commented are in support.  If you would like to list out those of your group of 16 that did not approve of the sample, I would be happy to address their individual concerns directly.  As I explained to you in the Spike Bar on Thursday, this supplier has supplied to racecourses and other golf clubs, they are not just domestic suppliers.   As with all such items, it is up to the members to treat the furniture with respect, as much as they can.  A suitable maintenance regime will be put in place to protect and maintain this furniture to prolong it’s durability.
  2. This supplier is CYAN – not Siam.
  3. Putting 2 square tables together is a much better way of seating 6 (or even 8) people together if that is what is required.  Round tables do not fit together.  We are also ordering oval-shaped tables which are designed to seat 6 or 8.
  4. Some of the existing furniture, where suitable, will be re-used, in conjunction with the new furniture.  Some of it does now have loose joints and even despite some repairs, is not looking great.  Totally agree that it has not helped that the old furniture has been stripped and stained.  The new furniture will be allowed to weather naturally.
  5. Outdoor cushions are a good idea and I agreed to review a sample cushion that you had proposed.
  6. I’m not sure where you get the £20k figure from; this new furniture will cost us less than 1/3 of that.  We have donations from the Ladies and the Seniors Sections and the Total spend will be circa £6,500.  We are working on plans for work to be carried out on the ground floor bar areas, which will include re-modelling, re-decoration and review of the patio and canopy arrangements.

The House & Premises Committee has spent a lot of time considering the options available to us in these difficult times, where supplies are depleted and erratic and where prices are soaring dramatically.  Our final proposals go to Council for approval and so the correct due process is always followed.  You have been given the opportunity to comment and we welcome this; however, the concerns that you have raised, we believe, are addressed herein.

To delay this order, which is currently provisional, awaiting confirmation, could mean that stock is no longer available or may become more expensive.  Our quote is actually currently held for us despite increases in listed price.  So, we will proceed with this order.  May I suggest if you and the members of your group still have serious further concerns, that you meet with our Committee on Monday 14th Feb at 3:30 to discuss specific matters.

I’m happy to discuss further and in detail, if you wish, please call me on 07721 516700, or I can meet you over at the club at 11:00 this morning.  Please let me know if you do want to meet at either of these times.

Many thanks,


Chair of H&P Committee.

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