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The recent e mails justifying the tree removal on the third green mentions advice received from an agronomist.  I don’t suppose he gave us a written report of his expensive advice?  If so it would be nice to see it published.

Over the course of the last few months many trees have been removed and the course is now littered with lumber.  I can see no mention of all this tree felling in the green committee’s minutes.  If it was planned would it not have been good to ask for a consensus from members prior to acting.

I do not recall any long term plan for the course being published for discussion.  Perhaps it is time we had one??

With regards to course opening /temporary greens /temporary tees .
Bearing in mind the planned work on the new tees on the 1st and the 4th holes I would like to enquire why better temporary tees have not been provided .The position of the matt on the first tee gives the impression that who ever put it there doesn’t care as it is on a 15 degree downslope .It could have been placed with more consideration.

Several holes have had temporary greens on and off throughout the winter, bearing in mind that these holes are the same reoccurring culprits could we not have put a little more consideration into the preparation and maintenance of temporary greens.  The standard of the temporary greens has been poor and given the opinion that course condition doesn’t matter during winter and we must all put up with it.

If Heswall expects to provide a playable course for the majority of the year then I feel we need to address these issues and plan now for next winter .Permanent temp greens made for holes frequently out of play.  Spare holes created to enable re routing.  Reduction of winter comps to reduce footfall on course during December and January?

I feel I am not alone in constantly being surprised with work that has been undertaken on the course that no one seems to know is happening until an e mail is sent advising of its completion.

I thought consultation was to be encouraged in our new business plan.  This does not so far seem to have been the case.

HGC Response


The report from the R&A Agronomist is now available on the members website.

The Club has a Course Management Plan which was last updated in 2017. The Course Manager and I have been amending and updating the document in recent months.

This has been a time consuming exercise and much of the previous document required significant amendment.

The document now sits with the Green Committee and once the Committee is satisfied with its content, which includes the Course Development Plan and Winter Projects, it will be submitted for consideration by Council for adoption prior to being made available to the membership.

It is unrealistic to plan activity on the course and the need for it on the collective view of the membership. On almost every ‘change’ to the course there are always mixed opinions as to whether such activity is right or wrong.

We have a very experienced and highly skilled Course Manager who we have employed to make decisions as to the correct management of the course utilising his skills and experience, I would not support and do not believe it feasible or right to canvass the views of the membership to determine and dictate course development.

I agree the mat on the temporary tee on the 1st was poorly placed it has been rectified. Creating ‘better’ temporary tees on the 1st and 4th was not deemed necessary or a priority during this winter.

Preparation of temporary greens during winter has already been discussed with the Course Manager. It is wrong to suggest that course condition doesn’t matter during the winter and through this winter there has been much positive feedback in respect of the condition of our greens throughout the winter period.

Alternative routing through the winter has been discussed by the Green Committee and now sits with the Course Manager to give consideration to the suggestions as to alternative routing.

I would support the reduction in competitions through the winter although this falls within the remit of the Golf Committee.

I will continue to try and keep members informed in respect of work planned on the course although as stated, such communications will not be intended as a consultation exercise and I am hopeful that when the Course Management Plan is made available to the membership it may address some of the issues you have raised.

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