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I have just noticed that the recent work in the car park as well as cutting the hedges included the felling of yet another mature tree.  I would like to know the reason that this tree was felled.  I would like to know how much the work cost and how much was paid for by the developer of the building across the road.

Finally I would like to know if the committee who allowed this to take place took any professional advice as to the value of the tree (removal of)to the developer?

I notice from the suggestions made previously I am not the only member who thinks that too much tree removal has taken place on the course in recent months.

HGC Response


The Club received a written request from the developer of the new build on Cottage Lane in late January asking whether the Club would consider removal of the tree in our car park opposite their building.

Chair of Greens had previously discussed the removal of this tree with Chair of House as it was believed in would cause problems for the Club in the longer term. This request was therefore discussed at the Council meeting of 6th February and provisionally approved, subject to the work being undertaken by HGC contractors and the cost, including making good the area around the tree, being met in full by the developer.

Timing of the work was also a consideration, given the upcoming nesting season and the need to keep disruption for members to a minimum.

At the Council Sub-Committee meeting of 13th February, Chair of House confirmed he had sourced quotations for the tree work, alongside an additional quote for a flail for the hedge work. The total cost of the work was just under £1500 and this has been paid in full by the developer.  As you know the work was carried out on 21st February, and we were able to fully utilise the day hire rate for the flail for our periodic trim of the whole of the hedge along the lower car park boundary, the driving range, and on the hedges in the top car park. Council did not consider it was necessary to seek any further remuneration, other than to recover the total cost of the work that was carried out.

In respect of other tree removal on the course, Chair of Greens has already explained to members in previous suggestion responses that a great deal of thought goes into the reasons for removal of any trees and shrubbery on the course before action is taken.

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