Jane Mountfield to CHAIR OF GREEN

Firstly congratulations to all the green staff and committee the course is playing well and the improvements are significant.

I was really pleased to see that the introduction of mats is being considered for next winter, lots of other clubs do this and whilst not ideal really protects the course.

They are available on a certain online retailer for around £10 and whilst I realise a cost would be an issue, rather than scatter them on the course would it not be an idea for members to personally buy them, and then a small stock be held at the pro shop, as there is so much access via footpaths and in view of damages historically this is possibly a solution for cost and theft


Good morning Jane

Many thanks for your feedback and positive comments which I have passed on to Scott and his team.

The use of astroturf mats has been suggested by a significant number of members and the Green Committee will give serious consideration to their use when agreeing what measures should be introduced next winter.

Your proposal of individual members purchasing their own mat if they prefer to play from it on the fairway seems a sensible solution.   I agree placing numerous mats on fairways is likely to be problematic.  All potential options will be given careful consideration by the Green Committee well in advance of next winter.

Many thanks and best regards

Martin Andrew

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