John Body to CHAIR OF GOLF

I wonder if some consideration could be given to freeing up unused tee times on Tuesdays. Last Tuesday 10 times went unused and as of today, there are 14, including a buffer.   Obviously, these are times for Ladies Comps but perhaps a cut off time on a Monday could be introduced to allow all members to fill those spaces. Mixed booking works successfully on Thursdays and times are used by Ladies on Saturdays too when available. If the times were filled then up to 40 members could have used them with added revenue for the Club.   Finally, there should be no real need for a buffer if everyone plays to the etiquette of the game.



Hi John

Many thanks for your query.

I agree we should always maximise tee availability.   However, we already have an agreement in place that ensures unused tee times for the Ladies
Alternate Day competitions are released the previous Friday at noon and for the Ladies Main Day Tuesday competition, the previous day (Monday) at
noon. This happens every week and is a similar process to the Men’s Saturday competition tee times – any unused ones are released the previous
day (Friday) at noon.

There was a slight delay in releasing the unused tee times for the Tuesday to which you refer (the Ladies Wave competition) as 2 ladies had booked
in right at the end of the field but, in the event, I am told this was done shortly after 12 on the Monday. The competition the previous Tuesday was a
Shotgun Start, which required tee times to be kept free until later than usual.

It is normal practice for a buffer to be included at the end of most competitions (and indeed is required under the current club bye-law 11a) out of courtesy to the competitors.

I hope that helps to address your concerns.



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