John Denton to CHAIR OF GREENS

Hi Martin have thought about playing off matt’s or teeing up on the fairway’s 2 protect the course it’s only winter golf with lots more rain on the way Cheers



Good afternoon John

Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes, I have previously discussed the potential use of Astro mats on fairways during winter and also moving the ball from the fairway and into the semi rough with the Course Manager, we have not discussed use of tees to play shots from the fairway.

At present, the purchase of the required number of mats (cost approx. £26 per unit) is not considered to be a priority. We will review the possibility of playing shots from the semi rough and playing shots from tees at the meeting of the Green Committee in January. We will also invite volunteers to assist with divoting on all fairways once the weather improves and in preparation for the new season in Spring.

Best regards

Martin Andrew

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