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Walking up the 17th fairway from the tee on Thursday I must say how attractive the pond on the left now is. Great to see the wild life and a very attractive pond, now that the undergrowth has been cleared away. I would imagine Members and Visitors will be impressed with this final visual aspect of the course.
I gather this initiative is down to our volunteers.

Well done.

HGC Response


Many thanks for the feedback regarding the pond on 17, I have forwarded your comments to Scott for his information.

Work on the course will always be at the directive of Scott but you are correct, the vast majority of the clearance work carried out around the ponds on 15/17 and 12/13 was down to the volunteers for which myself and Scott are always extremely grateful.  I also noticed when playing last night that the pond on the 3rd seems much healthier at present with wildlife aplenty which is probably due to the significantly increased sunlight to the pond area with the removal of some of the larger trees.

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