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Could you please explain to me how when booking a Saturday game of golf on the BRS the first slot was blocked for 20 minutes when I was under the impression that the slot would be released within several minutes.

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Good afternoon Mark

I am sorry you have experienced problems when trying to book.

I can advise that I have checked the booking log and cannot see any reason you couldn’t book in.

The first tee time of 08:10 was booked at 17:06:44 for two people.  Then at 17:06:56 another member logged on and added just himself to the tee time.

As I am sure you are aware a message does flash up ‘Locked By Another User’ but again this should only last for a couple of minutes while a tee time is booked.

As the system should refresh within a few minutes is it possible that your device actually ‘froze’?

I can only suggest that if you have further problems you try refreshing the page by logging out and reloading the App.

Kind regards

Clare  Palmer




thank you for your quick response I can assure you that for nearly 20 minutes I was refreshing and logging in and out of the BRS system but to no avail this is not the first time it has happened on the same day a later T slot was also constantly “Locked by another user”

Regards Mark



Hi Mark

I have today spoken to BRS who think the problem you experienced was that the page “froze”.  I explained that you logged out then logged back in on several occasions refreshing the page without success.

According to the chap I spoke to the only way to fix this is by “clearing the browser cache”.   Obviously I do not know if you were using a computer/tablet device so couldn’t comment further.

He recommended that you download the BRS Golf App from Play Store onto your phone which apparently is the easiest way to book.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards


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