Mike Brannagan to CHAIR OF COUNCIL

With regard to the use of buggies in club competitions, I believe our current ruling that a medical certificate be required is valid and should remain in place.

It could be seen as an unfair advantage for a fit person to be able to use buggy in a competition as they don’t get as tired not having to walk the course. It would only be fair if everybody talking part had the option of a buggy. This would never be the case.

It is also a problem from a speed of play point of view, in that those in buggies would play faster and put additional pressure on others in the field not in a buggy.

For me it should only be possible to use a buggy on a competition day if it enables an unfit member to play in a competition on parity with others taking part, no other players in their tee slot should be able to take advantage of the buggy without a medical certificate, and the user should respect the speed of play of others taking part in the competition.


Hi Mike

Thanks for your message via the Suggestions Box scheme.

There is presently no intention, as far as I am aware, to change the club’s policy (and current local rule) on the use of buggies in competitions. This policy has been in place since at least 2016, and permits only those golfers who are registered as disabled or have a medical exemption certificate to use them in competitions. This is fully in accordance with England Golf’s policy on the use of buggies in competitions.

As you say, and particularly because we only have a very limited number of buggies at Heswall, to have a policy which permits any golfer to use a buggy in a competition would be grossly unfair on those who really needed one and without which they would be unable to play.

Kind regards


Thanks for your prompt and considered reply Tony, as you say, Status Quo makes sense all around I think.

Best Regards –

Mike Brannagan

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