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As a regular user of the club’s snooker facilities, I am both concerned and saddened at the condition of the snooker room and its facilities.

The decor of the room is extremely tired, curtains are old fashioned, in poor condition and are quite often left hanging off the rails. The carpet is in parts threadbare and ripped, stuck down with tape in places.

Space under both tables is being used to store all manner of junk, covered by a curtain held in place by a strip of Velcro, quite often left hanging leaving the junk in plain sight.

Chairs from the function room are also quite often stored n there cluttering the place up.

The furniture in the rooms are too poor to be offered to a jumble sale, and the rooms are very rarely if ever cleaned.

Snooker is from my experience strongly supported by the membership, and as such, I feel the condition and maintenance of the facilities proved should be better than at present.

It is also important to be aware that we regularly invite members from other golf clubs to play at Heswall, clubs such as Caldy, Royal Liverpool and Wallasey to name but a few, what must they think of Heswall when they see the conditions we provide our snooker section?

Mike Brannagan


Thanks for your note, Mike,  I do agree with your points made and these very issues have been discussed in our recent H&P Committee meeting.

In the first instance, we have reminded our cleaner to get in there over the next few days to give it a general clean.

Your point about the carpets and curtains has indeed, as I’ve said, been a subject that we have considered on H&P Committee, along with many other areas that need refurbishing or redecorating.  I do know that Bryan Baldwin has been considering ideas for snooker room carpet repairs or even replacement along with ways to generally improve the room appearance.

Your point about the storage of chairs and other items is valid,  however, we do have storage problems generally that we are trying to address.   Stackable chairs, in particular, are a problem, as we need 110 but often only use 40 or 50,  Keeping 60 chairs nearby and handy for use has always been a problem for us.

With all of these plans to refurbish and redecorate, we do have to cost these out and get Council approval for the expenditure, which we continue to do.  We will include all of your points made in our quest to get this work approved and completed in due course.

I hope that this reply is sufficient for you, for now, I am more than happy to discuss with you in more detail and hopefully give you some progress updates whenever we meet up in the clubhouse.

Thank you again for raising this important matter.

Best regards,


H&P Committee.

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