Mike Brannagan to Chair of Council

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I know we have had some extreme hot weather this year, subsequently most of us are wearing shorts when playing golf or attending the club.

My concern is that the dress code we purport to support for ‘Tailored Shorts’ isn’t being enforced in real time.

My understanding of tailored shorts is that they should be of chino type material, have a waistband, belt loops tidy hip pockets and a zip / button fly.

I have over recent weeks seen a few members turning up in what could best be referred to as ‘Beach Shorts’ sporting similar beach-type motifs.

HGC Response


Many thanks for your message.

You may recall that Alan Jones (Chair of House) and Harry Kennedy (Chair of Golf) recently reviewed and re-published the Club’s dress code, for both on and off the course, and you are quite right that the wearing of ‘beach shorts’ does not conform to the dress code for either.

I have therefore copied your message and my reply to both Alan and Harry so that they might bring this to the attention of the Professional and the House Manager, both of whom help to enforce this code.

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