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Given the current status of the course (Stage 4) which I fully respect, and agree with the level of damage limitation that our course manager applies, would there be any merit in reconsidering the use of winter wheels on electric trolleys? This could introduce a further stage (4a for example)
This was a rule at HGC some years back, and I am well aware that there is mixed opinion related to the advantages gained by their use.

My take is as follows.
Nearly all members when pressing start on their trolleys do so at the last speed setting, which is probably upwards of 7, causing normal wheels to rotate and skid without forward motion of the trolley. This is not the case with winter wheels. Normal wheels also slide on side slopes in wet conditions. Again not the case with winter wheels.

I have done some research, and there is plenty of positive evidence out there for the use of winter wheels, but I yet have to find any negatives. I can provide this if required, but searching ‘Winter Wheels’ on social media produces plenty.

In conclusion, I am sure that the trolley manufacturers would not be providing them, if they were not effective. I also note that many clubs around UK have this policy in place, and if adopted would enable more of us to play more in the winter when stage 4 is in place.

HGC Response


Good morning Neil

Many thanks for your email and suggestion and my apologies for a slightly delayed response.

I will certainly take your proposal forward to the next Green Committee meeting for them to consider.

Like you I have researched damage caused to golf courses during winter through continued use of trolleys and buggies. Although the use of hedgehog wheels on trollies may potentially reduce the damage caused, unfortunately they do not eliminate the damage totally.

I have read on an open forum some very mixed views and opinions as to the benefits or otherwise in respect of the use of such wheels. On a personal level I am still somewhat undecided as to their merits. My only real comment at this stage is that where course conditions are such that it is necessary to impose restrictions as to use of trolleys, then it is unlikely that the use of hedgehog wheels would enable trolleys to be used, however I must stress that is my personal view and will be considered by the full green committee at our next meeting.

Best regards


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