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Could somebody explain why it is clean and replace in the rough? The way I understand the ruling is that the ball needs to go back exactly where it was.

It would be my suspicion that not everybody is aware of this, and even if they are, there will be times when the lie is improved (intentionally or not). It is open to abuse.

Why is it not – lift, clean and drop?

HGC Response


Dear Peter,

Many thanks for your comments. I have previously clarified to members that the TLR in relation to Lifting, Cleaning and Replacing a ball in the rough/general area is the wording the Club has to use exactly as directed by England Golf and to meet the necessary requirements to ensure scores for handicap purposes can continue to be submitted for Winter Golf (1st October – 30th April each year).

To also be clear, there is no provision for a Drop instead of the Replacement of the ball. As HGC members we should all be aware of this rule and not seek to prefer our lies in any way when replacing a ball. However, if it helps to help clarify the TLR for a ball in the rough again.. the procedure should be as follows…

  1. Before the ball is lifted it must be marked (with a tee peg) then
  2. Once cleaned it must be replaced in exactly the same place – ie the lie must not be improved.

PS – For everyone’s general information I have also added a footnote with reference to the above, to all the TLR notices I had displayed around the Club.

I hope that answers your query and thanks again for raising it.


Harry Kennedy

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