Ray Parsons to Chair of House

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Having been a member for a long time I have seen a great deal of changes in the rules concerning dress standards, most being needed to meet the changing age profile of the club.

The only one that I would like reviewed is the wearing of out door golf gear in the lounge area, dirty golfing shoes in particular. As we are now trying to encourage more dining downstairs and with families coming we need to present a nice clean environment.

It’s a shame that a rule change Is necessary when common sense should prevail. Hoping you will give serious consideration to his proposal.

HGC Response


Thanks you for your ’suggestion’.  This is something that we have discussed on H&P and I can say that we all fully agree with your sentiment.

Whilst it is part of the change in culture, to allow a more relaxed dress-code generally, I don’t think it was ever intended that ‘outer’ weather protective clothing should ever be allowed in the Lounge and especially not dirty golf shoes.  However, you are right, a few people have disregarded the prevail of common sense regarding this.

I will discuss this further with our Committee and the House Manager and we shall aim towards implementing a more specific rule for the Lounge.

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