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Further to our recent correspondence, may I ask why we are still removing trees and bushes from the course?  For example the hawthorn on the right of the 3rd to 4th path and the bush, and many of the trees within the copse on the left the 10th.

Surely these can’t all be diseased.

I fully appreciate all the great work, and the great condition of the course, specifically the superb condition of the greens, but am concerned that we may he going too far.

HGC Response


I will share your concerns and observations with the Course Manager.

You are correct that not all the trees and shrubs are diseased or dying although a significant number are. It is correct to say that there has been little if any effective management of the trees on the course for many years this has resulted in too many trees being overcrowded which in turn has resulted in retarded  growth of healthy trees e.g left of 10th fairway, right of 15th fairway.

Some trees, especially, but not exclusively those near to tees and greens adversely affect the growth of the grass by restricting sunlight especially the morning and early evening which is essential to cultivation of healthy sward.

Removal of some trees and shrubbery is essential to enhance the spectacular views we have across the estuary e.g the array of random trees growing in the hedgerow on right of the 5th.

Some self seeding trees within the areas of heavy rough have been removed to enable effective management of the rough areas.

Some trees have been removed where they are adversely affecting the drainage system e.g. in and around the ditch on the 9th and 6th.

Some trees have been removed from around the ponds to enhance the aesthetics and also on the advice of Wirral Wildlife to assist in enhancing the health of the pond and wildlife therein.

Please be reassured a great deal of thought is given to the removal of any tree on the course and is only removed where there are good grounds to do so.

Next week we will start to transplant some self seeding pines from the right of the 3rd and right of the 10th into areas where they will improve the aesthetics and definition of holes.

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