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I would just like to take this opportunity to raise my concerned regarding the removal of the large conifer tree left of the first tee . I feel it would be a great shame to remove the tree when other options are available. Such as removing lower branches say 10 feet up to allow light to shine through . This would be at a minimal cost advantage . Worth a try .

Kind regards

Stuart large

HGC Response


Good morning Stuart

Many thanks for your suggestion re the tree by the 1st tee.

The tree in question is a common Leylandii which grows on average four foot a year.

It has grown to such an extent that a large area of turf on the 1st tee near to the tree has died and it is impossible to rectify without the removal of the tree. The tree denies the turf essential sunlight, especially the morning sun which is recognised as essential to maintaining healthy growth, it also denies the turf other essential nutrients not merely due to its size but because of its root system.

Your suggestion of raising the crown by ten feet is likely to have little if any effect on the turf although may possibly destabilise the tree itself.

We intend relaying new turf on the 1st tee in the next few weeks after laser levelling, and doing so whilst facing the same problems the tree presents would be futile.

We are also considering whether a different type of tree could be planted in this area which would not grow to the same extent, can be managed effectively, and would not present the same problems in respect of maintaining a healthy teeing area.

I hope this provides a reasonable response as to the rationale and need for us removing this Leylandii. I will be providing a similar update to the full membership on this issue in the very near future.

Best regards


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