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A few years ago we were required to purchase winter wheels for our electric trolleys. We were told this would enable us to continue to use our trolleys throughout the winter.
Why is this no longer an option as at the time we were told they did no harm to the course.

After another week of not being able to play golf I would like to know if they could be reintroduced instead of them gathering dust in a cupboard.

HGC Response


Good afternoon Wendy

Thank you for your enquiry.

The subject of ‘hedgehog/winter wheels’ on trolleys will be discussed at the next Green Committee meeting on 18th January.

There is much debate on social media as to whether or not such wheels reduce the adverse impact on the course during wet ground conditions.

It is incorrect to say that these wheels ‘do no harm to the course’, even the manufacturers of such wheels would not support such a statement.

Thankfully I was not involved in the communication from several years ago stating that trolleys would be allowed on the course throughout the winter if they had hedgehog wheels fitted. This is most definitely not the view of our Course Manager or myself.

In extremely wet conditions it is inevitable that there will come a point when trolleys should not be allowed on the course with or without hedgehog wheels.

The only issue in my opinion for the Green Committee to consider is whether an additional stage should be added to our Course Status which would state ‘No trolleys allowed unless fitted with hedgehog wheels’.

I will provide a further update after 18th January.

Best regards

Martin Andrew

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