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Dear Members



Many thanks to all 335 of you that took time to complete the Golf Survey last month.

It was pleasing to see that:

  • 85% of respondents were generally satisfied with golf at Heswall
  • Around 80% thought that there are about the right number and variety of competitions, and 97% of you thought that competitions were generally well organised
  • There was a good level of support for the concept of Alternate Day competitions, and
  • 86% consider that handicaps are generally well administered, with most negative comments relating to WHS itself

3 of the questions required narrative comments only. Suggestions included more mixing of members in competitions, applying maximum handicaps in some competitions, more flexible ‘go live’ times for tee bookings, and 2-tee starts on Saturdays to free up the 1st tee earlier. One of the main issues frequently raised was about pace of play.

Your feedback, both through the answers you selected and the comments that you added, is very much appreciated, and will be considered by the Golf Committee. We will keep you informed on progress.

You can view the Survey results below

Golf Survey Results

Q11 Responses

Q19 Responses

Q21 Responses


Chair of Golf


30th July 2021



  1. Bryan Baldwin says:

    On review of the replies I note that some members still hold a view that the current way we book is open for abuse . (For once this wasn’t my reply) This is not a new observation , ever since BRS was introduced it has always been divisive, where most of us use it fairly and in the right spirit , some seem still not to do so. Several years ago I asked the club to trial a system where instead of being able to block out four slots , each member can only book two , doubling the opportunity for all of us to get the times we would like to play , and increasing the variance of playing partners ,
    Years ago when suggested , Chair of Golf said it would be “kept under consideration” which I now interpret as , thanks but no thanks.
    I would ask again that you consider this and even put it out as a suggestion across the members to let the majority decided as to whether they would like to trial it or not.

    1. Jo Lloyd says:

      Tee demand has now returned to broadly 2019 levels and members can now usually get a tee time, even during the most popular competitions. However, because some members in the past had asked that booking for competitions be limited to self plus one other member, we took the opportunity of including this issue in the survey.

      Question 17 asked “ During busy periods (such as popular competitions), advance booking of a tee time by an individual member should be limited”. 75% of respondents said that it shouldn’t be limited (self + 3 as now); 5% said that it should be limited to self only; and 20% said that it should be limited to self + 1. With the majority of members voting to retain unlimited booking we feel that it would not be appropriate to go against this, especially as competition tee times are often available even at the last minute.

      The point about increasing the variance of playing partners is a separate point, which some members also commented on in the survey. This is definitely something we will look at trialling.

      A Walker
      Chair of Golf

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