Members’ Guest Bookings – Important Reminders


Dear Members


This week we began welcoming back visitors and members’ guests as part of our phased return to golf after the winter lockdown. It was good to see so many members taking advantage of this and bringing friends and relatives to share our great golf course and facilities.

Could I please take this opportunity though to remind you of some important points to consider when bringing guests to the club.

(a) Days on which members’ guests are permitted to play

Please kindly remember that members’ guests are only allowed to play on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays – not at any time on any of the main club competition days on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays.

This is to ensure that, during this continuing period of increased demand for tee times, there is maximum tee availability for members’ competition and general play on those days.

Guest bookings made on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays will be automatically cancelled on BRS without notice.

(b) Registering your guest

To comply with the club’s Covid-19 ‘track and trace’ requirements, it is mandatory for all members to personally register their guest’s details in the Pro Shop before the start of their round. Please clearly PRINT the following details in the Pro Shop Guest Book:

  • Your guest’s full name (first and last names);
  • Your guest’s telephone number; and
  • Your full name (first and last names) as the accompanying member.

Please allow enough time before your round for these details to be recorded and for payment of the appropriate guest fee to be made.

If, exceptionally, you start your round at a time when the Pro Shop is closed, then please ensure that these details are recorded and guest fee is paid immediately you finish your round.

(c) Guest ‘no-shows’

 If you find you or your invited guest is unable to play at your allocated tee time, then please cancel your booking on BRS immediately. If you do not do this, you will automatically be charged for a guest green fee which will be non-refundable.

(d) Limit on the number of occasions a guest can play

Club Rules limit the number of times any one guest can play to a maximum of 6 times in a calendar year, even if they play with different members. Guest bookings are regularly checked so, to avoid the embarrassment of your guest being refused access to the course, please make sure that your guest does not exceed the maximum number allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on these important requirements which are designed to protect the interests of all members.


Tony Walker

Chair of Golf

1st May 2021


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