Pace of Play






Following a number of recent complaints from members, here’s a brief reminder of the requirement under Golf Rule 5.6b to play a round at a prompt pace.


CALL UP – Once you reach the green when playing a Par 3, consider marking your ball, standing aside, and calling up the group behind if they are waiting on the tee. You can then putt out whilst they make their way to the green.


CALL THROUGH – Remember to keep up with the group in front, not just ahead of the group behind. You should always consider letting faster groups through at a suitable opportunity.


CALL TIME – The time allowed to search for a ball is a maximum of 3 minutes. The clock starts ticking when a player begins his or her search. When searching for a potentially lost ball, then consider calling through the group behind. After 3 minutes, call time!


Except when playing a match-play competition, always play Ready Golf and remember to……Call Up, Call Through, Call Time





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