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Following Monday’s government announcement, England Golf has now confirmed that golf may recommence from Wednesday 2nd December and that 4-ball play will be allowed.

The course, driving range and other practice facilities, and Pro Shop will therefore be open from next Wednesday. Our club and trolley storerooms will also be open, though locker rooms will remain closed except for access to the toilets and handwashing facilities. Further details about bar and catering services will be announced later this week.

I now want to provide you with more information about our return – in particular about the course layout and tee booking arrangements.

Firstly, a reminder of the plan…

From Wednesday 2nd to Wednesday 9th December inclusive there will not be any competitions or days specifically designated for Ladies or Men’s golf, but instead tee times available throughout the 8-day period for general play.

No visitors or members’ guests will be permitted during this initial period.

Competitions will commence from Thursday 10th December, and a revised competition calendar will be circulated shortly.

…and Course Layout

The course will retain its 18-hole layout with play as usual from the 1st tee but will be re-routed in the same way as during our immediate return after the first lockdown – that is:

  • Holes 1-9, 12 (front 10 holes); and
  • Holes 13–15, 11, 10, 16-18 (back 8 holes).

This configuration will allow an additional booking option every day of the week for play from the 13th tee for the first hour and a half after the time of course opening.

Play from the 1st tee all day will allow members to play the full 18-hole course, or a shorter course if preferred. Play from the 13th tee for a limited number of tee times every morning will also provide an opportunity for members to play 8 holes, finishing on Hole 18. Please note that if you start your round from the 13th tee, you must finish your round on Hole 18.

The 2-tee start each day will mean that members may find course preparation by the greens staff is still in progress on certain days. Please remember that greens staff do have priority on the course so please do be patient if, for example, you have to wait for a few moments whilst preparation of the green in front of you is completed.

BRS booking and course options

Advance booking on BRS remains compulsory for all golfers in order to play a round of golf – whether you start from the 1st or 13th tee, whatever time of day you play, and even if you are not playing a full round. Roll-ups will not be permitted under any circumstances.

BRS is being re-configured to allow booking to continue from the 1st tee as usual, as well as from the 13th tee for a limited number of tee times each morning. Guidance to help you navigate the 2-tee booking options on BRS, whether using the club website or smartphone App, will be issued tomorrow.

Please note that booking access for tee times on the first two days of play will be activated manually by the club office but will be available to book in the usual way via the App or website.

BRS ‘go live’ times

BRS will go live for members’ casual bookings at midday this Friday 27th November for play on both Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd December.

Bookings will then go live at 8am on Saturday 28th November for play on Friday 4th December, at 8am on Sunday 29th November for play on Saturday 5th December, and at 8am daily for each subsequent day (in other words, the usual 6 days in advance).

Don’t forget you may book to play from either the 1st tee as normal or alternatively from the 13th tee for a limited number of early morning start times – but not both.

Please also remember that members’ guests are not allowed to play until Friday 11th December.

Competition tee times

Competition organisers will shortly be setting up the December programme of competitions on BRS. Booking for these (including the linked Alternate Day competitions) will as usual be 6 days in advance – the Men’s Friday/Saturday competition at 5pm the previous Sunday, and the Ladies Sunday/Tuesday competition at 8am the previous Wednesday.

Playing your part

As I have previously explained we are doing what we can to increase course availability and reduce tee wastage, and we will continue to explore ways of doing this, but we need you to play your part too to ensure that as many members as possible can get out and enjoy the course during these shorter winter days. So please do be considerate of other members, and:

  • Please do not hog the tee – restrict your bookings to no more than 4 times in 7 days (3 times in 5 days for 5-day members);
  • Please do not book for your golfing group (even if it’s your ‘regular’ 4-ball) until you have confirmed everyone is available to play;
  • If after booking you find you cannot play, cancel as soon as possible to allow another member to book and play; and
  • Avoid booking as a singleton golfer, instead join up with another member or two for your round.

What next?

As we continue the communication of our re-start plans in the coming days, you should expect to see the following:

Date Topic
Thursday 26th November How to navigate the 2-tee BRS booking option
Friday 27th November Revised winter 2020/21 competition schedule
Monday 30th November A WHS update, including a reminder about how to calculate your playing handicap as well as some useful conversion tables
Tuesday 1st December Temporary Local Rules update
Wednesday 2nd December Men’s Alternate Day competition trial
Thursday 3rd December Tougher measures to deal with ‘no shows’

Updated Stay Safe – Play Safe Guidelines will also be issued in due course so please ensure that you read these carefully.

 As always, if you have any questions then please email or feel free to get in touch with me directly.

In the meantime, please continue to stay safe and well.


Tony Walker

Chair of Golf

 25th November 2020

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