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Effective 12th May 2021

Last year, the Golf Committee agreed new eligibility criteria for certain club competitions. These were circulated to members by Shaun Carter, Chair of Handicap, on 17th September 2021.

Following a recent review, the Golf Committee has now agreed to slightly revise these criteria effective from 12th May, and they now read as follows:

“In order to be eligible to: 

  1. Enter any club Knockout competition; or
  2. Win any club Trophy or Honours Board competition

a member must at the time of the closing date for entry to the competition have played in at least 3 qualifying Heswall club competitions within the previous 12 months.

However, in the case of a new club member joining within 2 months prior to the date of entering a Knockout competition or taking part in a Trophy or Board competition, a proven qualifying competition playing record from their previous club will instead suffice – as long as at least 3 of those qualifying competitions have been played in the previous 12 months.

These criteria apply to Men’s, Ladies, Mixed, Seniors and Juniors competition s at Heswall Golf Club”.

 Please note that this revision is not retrospective.


Tony Walker

Chair of Golf


  1. Andrew Gould says:

    Tony. Please clarify if that includes members who are not eligible to play on Saturdays. Clearly it must as all new members enter the club on that basis as I am aware.

    Many thanks

    1. Jo Lloyd says:

      Dear Andrew

      Each competition has its own entry and eligibility criteria set out within the terms and conditions of the competition. The requirement that a member must have played in at least 3 qualifying Heswall competitions within the previous 12 months is just one criterion and relates specifically to eligibility to ENTER a club knockout competition or WIN (as opposed to play in) a club trophy or honours board competition. The revision to this rule now permits a new member’s previous club playing history to be taken into account. However, that member must still satisfy all other eligibility criteria in order to play in a particular competition.

      Provisional members are not permitted to play on Saturdays, whether in a competition or socially, but may play for example in a Sunday or mid-week Trophy competition as long as they satisfy all the other eligibility criteria of that competition.

      I hope that clarifies matters for you but please do get in touch if you need to.



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