Dear Members


Recent incidents have prompted this important reminder about safety on the course and around the clubhouse.

Although we have only been back golfing for a couple of weeks, 2 members have already reported being struck by stray golf balls (thankfully without serious injury) and an upper floor window in the clubhouse has been shattered. There have also been several ‘near-misses’ in that period.

Could I therefore please take this opportunity of reminding all members of the following basic rules.


·         DO always wait until the players in front are out of range before playing your ball

·         DO always alert greens staff nearby or ahead when you are about to make a stroke that might endanger them

·         If you see your ball is heading in a direction where there is a danger of it hitting someone, DO shout a clear and loud warning immediately with the traditional ‘fore!’

·         If at any time you hit your ball onto another fairway DO also shout ‘fore!’ as other golfers may be obscured by trees or bushes

·         DO be aware of members of the public walking on the footpaths alongside and across the course

·         DO take extra care when playing your shot to the 1st green and be aware of other golfers waiting to tee off on the 2nd

·         When playing your shot into the 18th green DO be aware of other people on the terrace and practice putting green

·         Finally, if after hitting your ball you are not sure where it may land, DO always loudly and clearly shout ‘fore!’ – just in case.

**** Remember, your ball is your responsibility ****



·         Whilst it may be allowed under the Rules of Golf, DON’T deliberately play shots onto an adjoining fairway if the fairway is in use by other golfers as this can be dangerous

·         DON’T drive recklessly – always play within your ability

·         On a shorter Par 4 hole such as the 6th or 18th, DON’T drive until the green is clear if you think you can reach it

·         DON’T hesitate – if your ball strays off your fairway or you are not sure whether your ball will reach other golfers, always shout ‘fore!’ – just in case.

**** Remember, your ball is your responsibility ****

All on-course incidents involving stray golf balls that cause injury to another person or damage to property (however minor) should be reported to the General Manager as soon as practicable.

Thank you for your cooperation, and here’s to safe golfing.


Tony Walker

Chair of Golf

 16th April 2021







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