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Effective from Tuesday 18th May 2021

The Spike Bar computer can be used to submit and input competition scores from next Tuesday, 18th May. If playing in a singles competition, members may also continue to use the Remote Scoring facility if they prefer.

Whichever method is used, scores MUST be input before you leave the club, and your scorecard deposited in the competition box in the atrium/golf reception area.

Please remember that all competitors must, under Rule 3.3 of the Rules of Golf and under CONGU/WHS Handicap Rules, record and submit their competition scores – even if a round is not completed.

Please carefully read the detailed guidance below, which also includes some important information about Covid safety requirements in section 8.

1.  Recording your scores

  • Continue to keep your own scorecard, which should include your name in the Player A box, the name of the competition, date, and your current Handicap Index and Course Handicap.
  • Agree with another player in your group for you to keep their scores in your Marker’s column, and for them to keep your scores in their Marker’s column. Note their name on your card.
  • At the end of the round, cross-check and agree verbally the scores of your playing partner in the group – then sign your own card (do not sign each other’s cards).
  • Retain your own card, as you will need it to enter and submit your scores

2.  Submitting your competition scores

  • Before you leave the clubhouse, you must either
  • (a) Enter your own gross scores from your scorecard into the Spike Bar computer exactly as you used to pre-Covid; or
  • (b) Use your smartphone to enter your scores via the ‘Remote Scoring’ facility as you have been doing more recently.
  • If you experience any problems inputting your scores via the ‘Remote Scoring’ icon, then you should use the Spike Bar computer.
  • Once you have input your scores, you must deposit your original scorecard in the competition box in the atrium/golf reception area.

 3.  What if I have a potentially winning score?

       You do not need to do anything further, as your original scorecard will be available to the competition organisers to validate your score.

Remember, all original scorecards must be deposited in the competition box.

 4.  What if I don’t complete a round for some reason?

        If you retire or otherwise leave the course before completing your round, you must still submit your scores as above.

During your round, if you do not complete a particular hole (for example, because of a lost ball in a medal competition, or you pick up in a Stableford competition because you cannot score any points), then you should enter NR on your scorecard against that hole. However, you MUST continue to enter the actual scores achieved for all other subsequent holes.

 5.  What if I do not submit my scores or deposit my original scorecard?

It is each players’ personal responsibility to ensure their scores are entered and submitted using one of the above methods before you leave the club. Unfortunately, failure to submit a score as above will lead to automatic disqualification from the competition.

In addition, in all cases action will be taken by the Handicap Committee in accordance with Rule 7.1b of the CONGU Rules of Handicapping. This may lead to the player’s scorecard subsequently being input manually into WHS for handicap adjustment purposes, and/or the imposition of a Penalty Score, and/or in certain cases to the withdrawal of a player’s Handicap Index.

6.  Alternate Day competitions

If you play in an Alternate Day competition, you should still enter your scores and deposit your scorecards as above. For competition purposes, your scores will be consolidated and published with the scores from the Main Day competition.

7.  4BBB and other team competitions  

All scorecards should be entered into the Spike Bar computer and cards deposited in the competition box. The Remote Scoring facility does not allow team competition scores to be entered and, therefore, should not be used for team competitions 

8.  Important Covid safety protocols

In order to provide a Covid-safe environment when using the Spike Bar computer, please observe the following procedures:

  • Please sanitise your hands immediately before and immediately after using the Spike Bar computer, using the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Wipe down the surfaces you touch, using the wipes provided.
  • Avoid multi-handling of scorecards and only enter your own scores.
  • If waiting to use the computer, please ensure safe social distancing and avoid unnecessary queueing.
  • Don’t forget to wear a face covering at all times.

If you have any questions then please contact your competition organiser, the Pro Shop, or feel free to get in touch with me directly.


Tony Walker

Chair of Golf

14th May 2021

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