Trustee Election

Please find below the resumes for the position of Trustee. The Nominees are:

Paul Hennity | Andy Green | Trevor Mawhinney

To make your choice, please click on the ‘Vote’ button for the relevant candidate at the bottom of this page. Voting will close at 5pm on Thursday 2nd March 2023.

The following categories are allowed to vote in accordance with Club Rules: Full Playing, Provisional, Five Day, Merchant Navy, Overseas, Country and Honorary Life members.

Date joined Heswall Golf Club                                 1 January 1996 

I have applied for the position of Trustee as I believe the Club would strongly benefit from having a representative of its younger members on the panel.  As a member of 27 years with strong family connections in the Club, I want nothing more than for the Club to succeed.  Heswall has the foundations to be a premium golf venue for both members and visitors, and if elected I would do my utmost to work alongside council and the other Trustees to drive the Club forwards.

I am a senior solicitor in the employment team at Aaron and Partners LLP.  I specialise in advising businesses in employment tribunal litigation and resolving workplace disputes.  I give practical, concise and commercial advice, advising businesses on strategy and risk in helping them to achieve their short term and long term objectives.  Developing relationships and working as part of a team is key to my role at Aaron and Partners, as it is in my roles as Chair of the firm’s staff wellbeing committee and soon to be member of the Liverpool Law Society Employment Panel.

The skill set of a solicitor naturally lends itself to the role of a Trustee.  It is a role of integrity, responsibility and trust.  It goes without saying that I would apply the same standards to the role as I do in my professional practice.  I will take time to dedicate myself fully to the requirements of the Trustee role and will go the extra mile where required to ensure the best for the Club.  I will conscientiously work to safeguard the Club’s assets, goodwill and reputation and will ensure abidance by Club rules and procedures, safeguard internal governance and ensure legal and regulatory compliance.  I am not afraid to challenge the status quo if I believe that the wrong decisions are being made or if a more forward thinking approach is required.

I also am conscious of the increasing importance of corporate and social responsibility, and of how the Club will soon need to address its sustainability and impact on the environment. These factors are of utmost importance if the Club is to preserve its success long term.

Under my stewardship, I will bring careful due diligence, risk analysis and analytical and dispute resolution skills to the role.  I am friendly, approachable and have the best interest of the Club at heart. I would be delighted to offer up my time to assist in its development.

I hope that you can support my application for Trustee.

I have been a member of Heswall Golf Club since 1996 

Legal Career – qualified as a solicitor in 1978;

1978 – 1981: lecturer at the College of Law, Christleton, Chester;

1981 – 2013 solicitor at DWF, as a partner from 1984;

2002-2009 Head of DWF’s Real Estate Department;

2009-2013 Office Managing Partner of DWF’s 450-strong Liverpool Office.

Post Retirement (aside from playing golf). Since 2014 I have been a volunteer and Trustee at Wirral 3ls, a charity providing educational and social activities, mainly for the over-50’s, based at Bebington Civic Centre.

In 2021 I was appointed to a non-executive post in a north-west based Charitable Foundation with assets in excess of £450m.

But most importantly from 2013, since finishing work, it is true to say that playing golf at Heswall Golf Club has become a large part of my life and provided me with hours of boundless pleasure and of course moments of teeth-grinding and air-turning-blue frustration. I count myself so very lucky to be able to play golf at a wonderful and friendly Club. I am however, very conscious that the facilities that are available to me and all members, do not exist by accident and a very large amount of hard work is put in by many people to achieve this. I would like to add my name to that list and give some of my time to the running and future development of the Club. If things stand still, the Club goes backwards, which cannot be good for the members.

The post of trustee carries with it legal responsibilities which I believe my professional career and post-retirement activities, provide me with the experience to carry out effectively. As a member of Council, I see a trustee as providing support to its work, but importantly, this support should include independence of thought and taking a questioning stance, where appropriate; I would certainly see that as part of my remit.

In brief, I would like to repay my Club for everything it offers to me and so many others and I believe that the important post of trustee is where I have the requisite skills, experience  and where I can add value.

Date Joined: 1987

I have been a playing member at Heswall Golf Club for over 30 years, our two children were members from a young age and my wife has recently joined the Ladies’ section. It is only in recent times with changes in work and family commitments that I now feel able to devote the necessary time to this role.

Over the years I have seen many changes at the Club and, whilst not holding formal office with any committee or council, have observed the impact of change on members across all groups.  I therefore have the personal advantage of no emotional attachment to decisions made in the past and my main focus would be to ensure that decisions in the future protect the long term sustainability of the Club for the benefit of our diverse range of members.

By qualification, I am an economist and have spent many years in financial management. During my career I have been an executive with a FTSE 100 Insurance Group; established a consultancy practice; held several Board and Non-Exec appointments and am currently Trustee and Chairman Elect of the Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST), which in 2020 was awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service. This is a charity working with disadvantaged young people.

I am well versed in the responsibilities that come with a Trustee role and its importance in helping to ensure that the Club meets its governance, legal and social responsibilities.

Our future will be challenging, and I believe our success will be governed by two factors. First, the continuation of a professionally managed Club drawing on the experience and skills of our members.  Secondly, remembering that it is all of our members who make the Club and indeed recognising that the Juniors, the Colts and members of a different generation to me are the future. We must communicate in an open, transparent manner and I would certainly see my role as ensuring that we listen to, evaluate and feed back to all members in a way which builds inclusion, commitment, and trust.

Trustee Ended

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