World Handicap System – early access emails

Dear Members,

I am aware that not all members have received a mail from England Golf.

Last night we received notification that late software changes to the WHS system may have created problems uploading members details, including email addresses, to the WHS Platform from HandicapMaster.

We are in the process of checking the actual status.

Below is the link I received. Give it a try.

It is a 2 step process.

Step 1.  You need your CDH (membership) number to login. If you do not have your number,  go to the Competition Results and Handicap List section of the HGC Website,  click on Handicap certificate, and you will see your CDH number.
Step 2. You will be sent an email with an activation code. Enter the code, add mobile number and create a password.

If this does not work, you will need to wait for your official mail from England golf.

Personally speaking, these issues do not surprise me. England Golf have maintained their original timetable, even with the inevitable delays caused by Covid.
It must be a mammoth task, so let’s be patient and I am sure they will resolve this in the coming days.

Kind Regards,

Shaun Carter
Chair of Handicap
(on behalf of the Handicap Committee)

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