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Dear Members,

On Wednesday of last week (4th August) we had a visit from the ‘travellers’; 3 caravans and vehicles parked up in the lower car park.  2 hours later, they left our site and everyone who was there breathed an incredulous sigh of relief.  Seeing them leave, so soon after arriving, was not what anyone expected!

Notably, Tom did a sterling job in ‘occupying’ them until the police arrived, en masse.  Clearly the police powers of negotiation and enforcement worked on this occasion.  We are greatly indebted to the police and have written to them to express our appreciation.

As incredible as the events of that evening seem, the threat is not over.  We have had a security patrol car stationed at our entrance but many of us will be aware that that provides no guaranteed security.  In fact, nothing we can do will guarantee this but we do recognise that we must upgrade our levels of security and reduce the risk.

We have sought security advice and we have tendered for quotes for various items, such as height restriction barriers, automatic arm barriers, gates etc.  Whilst time is of the essence, any of these solutions will take time to implement.

We have considered many options and have taken into account the obvious urgency.  We have agreed to implement the vehicle height restriction barrier, to the lower car park, which is our quickest solution to deter caravans.  The foundations are dug, they are being concreted tomorrow and the steel frame and barrier will be erected on Tuesday of next week.  Until that is in place we will continue with the successful ‘chicane’ arrangement at the entrance.

Please note that this barrier allows any vehicle to pass through, under a 2.2m clearance – (most caravans are generally around 2.6m+ in height).  The barrier can be unlocked and swung round to allow taller vehicles to pass, by appointment.  We have checked some members vans, which generally are just under 2.2m but we would ask that anyone approaching the barrier in a van, who is not sure of their vehicle height, please check carefully before progressing.  This is a temporary structure that can be dismantled, once the threat is clear.

We are also ‘networking’ with the other golf clubs in the Wirral to try to ensure that we have a consistent policy regarding this threat.  We are in communication with our local Council and the GCMA to ensure that we are fully aware of any advice or assistance that is being offered.

We would ask that all members be vigilant and report any suspicious circumstances to the office.

We will provide further updates as this situation develops.

Thank you all for your understanding and please take care at all times!




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  1. Steve Skupski says:

    You’re doing a great job in difficult circumstances, well done

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