Dress Code

This information is provided for the benefit of visitors to the Club to avoid any uncertainty over dress code expectations. Society/group organisers  please ensure all your party are aware before they come to the Club.

We have a progressive approach to fashion and recognise changing trends in casual wear (for example allowing smart jeans in the Clubhouse), however clothing and footwear both on the Course and in the Clubhouse should be smart, clean, in good repair and of a type normally associated with a golf club such as Heswall.

The House Manager and Golf Professional will not admit or serve any person who in their opinion is not dressed appropriately.


  • Clothing and Footwear made specifically for the playing of Golf and of the type sold in the Professional’s Shop, which automatically comply with the ‘Dress Code’.
  • Tailored trousers, shorts or skirts for Ladies.
  • Tailored trousers or shorts for Men.
  • Socks worn with shorts or skirts should be predominantly white or complementary to the outfit.
  • Jeans, combat trousers and track/shell suits and the like may NOT be worn on the Course.
  • Hats with peaks may be worn in the conventional way with peaks facing forward.
  • Men’s shirts should have sleeves and collars (or roll necks) and be tucked into trousers.
  • Ladies shirts may be worn with or without collars.
  • Emblems should be limited to small golf logos


  • Golfing attire and smart casual clothing may be worn throughout the clubhouse with the exception of formal and official events. (For clarification, smart single-coloured jeans and denim wear are classified as ‘casual clothes’ and are considered more appropriate as daytime wear).
  • Track suits, gym clothing and torn jeans are not acceptable.
  • During any function in the upstairs Clubroom, men should wear smart casual clothing or a jacket, or a jacket and tie, depending on the event. Any specific dress code will be notified or may be shown on the function ticket or event menu.  For Ladies, the equivalent dress is required.  Any deviation from this will be notified in advance by the event organiser, or by the House Manager.
  • For more formal functions, where required, the specific dress code shall be announced – for example ‘Black Tie’ events.
  • Outdoor clothing, including waterproofs and hats, must be removed before using the Spike Bar, Lounge or going up to the First Floor. A cloakroom is located on the Ground Floor for use by attendees of functions, offering hanging facilities for Ladies and Men’s clothes.  Umbrellas can be stored in the cloakroom.
  • Golf shoes must be cleaned before entering the Clubhouse, using the compressed air and brush facilities provided. Spiked shoes may be worn in the following:
    •  the terrace
    •  the Spike Bar
    •  the changing rooms & toilets and that part of the corridor linking    them to the Spike Bar
    • the part of the Lounge linking the Spike Bar and the terrace doorway.
  • Clean, ribbed and pimpled golf shoes may be worn throughout the Clubhouse in conjunction with golf attire as outlined above.
  • Jackets and coats must not be draped over chairs. These must be hung in cloakroom or changing room areas.
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