To be eligible to enter any club Knockout all members will have to include a contact number at the point of entry, preferably a mobile telephone number. Please be advised that all contact numbers will only be visible within the members’ section of the website. Finals will be held on Finals Day on the date specified in the club fixtures and players who are not available on this date should not enter.

Please refer to each individual Knockout competition’s terms and conditions for full eligibility rules. The rules of all Knockout competitions are that every player must make themselves available to play each round within the allotted time period of that competition.

All players are equally responsible for arranging their matches and contact should be made with your opponent(s) within 5 days of the draw. Your opponent(s) must respond within 3 days either accepting the suggested dates or to offer further dates. These rules are to be adhered to throughout.

Each player/pair should offer a minimum of FOUR dates to include TWO weekend dates to assist those working full time. Please note however that a match involving a Provisional member cannot be played on a Saturday. If the match has not been organised by the stipulated date then it must be played on the last day of the round at 12:00 for winter competitions and 16:00 for summer competitions. Should a player/pair fail to turn up on the tee at the allotted time then the match will be awarded to their opponents. Should this process not be followed and neither party turn up on the tee then all players will be disqualified.

Should the match not take place due to extenuating circumstances, the Handicap Committee will adjudicate and their decision will be final. Extensions WILL NOT be granted.

All competitions are played over 18 holes according to the Rules of Golf. Any team can replace a player prior to their first round being played, after which time no replacement can be made.

If a team member is unavailable for any reason, and the format permits, the round should be played with the remaining team member playing against the other team. All matches will commence on the 1st hole and, in the event of a match being ‘all square’ on the 18th green, a ‘sudden death’ play off should start at the 1st hole, and shots should be given and received according to the stroke indices of the additional holes played.

The winning player/players are responsible for updating the draw sheet by the round closing date. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Finals day tee times will be according to timetable.

If a player is in two finals, one must be played before Finals Day and will be arranged by the Handicap Committee.

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