Green Update Course Status Notifications

In consultation with the Course Manager, the Green Committee has produced a document which formalises a staged approach to restrictions imposed on golfers due to adverse course conditions. The Course Status document can be viewed by accessing the link to this email, it will also feature on the Club website, as will the current course status which will be in accord with the wording and restrictions stated in the document.

It is the Course Manager who will be responsible for determining the Course Status, if he deems it necessary, he will discuss with the Club Professional and/or Chair of Green before communicating to members.

In determining the status of the course, the Course Manager will give careful consideration to the Health and Safety of all golfers and the likelihood of damage to the course.

The Course Manager will be responsible for circulating an email to members advising of the current course status and any change to it. The status of the course will remain in place until such time as a new notification is circulated by the Course Manager. A daily update will NOT be circulated where it merely confirms that there is no change in course status.

We are confident that as we progress with our drainage work on the course the need for imposing restrictions will reduce. However, members will appreciate that at present a number of areas on the course suffer significantly whenever we have heavy or persistent rainfall.

Where it is possible to keep the course open but close certain holes due to adverse course conditions, or where there is a need to move to temporary greens the Course Manager will circulate an appropriately worded email.

It is our intention to introduce the revised approach to Course Status at some point next week and following a period of familiarisation  for the Course Manager and his Deputy with the circulation process to members.

The Chair of Green will provide an update on the Bunker Project on Friday 26th November, within which it will confirm the progress made and which temporary greens are in play due to Health and Safety considerations together with an indication  of how long they are likely to remain in play.


Martin Andrew

Chair of Green

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