Local Rules

LOCAL RULES (as at 27th July 2019)

1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2) is defined as: a. Beyond the line of white posts bounding the course. b. Beyond the fences and hedges bounding the course. c. On or beyond the white posts and the line surrounding the practice grounds. d. On or over the paths surrounding the clubhouse. e. Within the Greenkeeper’s compound as defined by the white posts. f. On or over the Wirral Way (behind the 3rd green, and left of the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th holes). Stroke-and-distance relief must be played.

2. Penalty Areas (Rule 17) a. Penalty Areas are indicated by red and yellow stakes or lines. b. Relief may be taken on either side of a red penalty area.

3. Abnormal Course Conditions (Rule 16) includes the following: a. All areas marked GUR (ground under repair). Players MUST take relief without penalty. b. Areas indicated by and between the blue stakes, where the public may cross the course, MAY be treated as GUR. c. Deep ruts caused by maintenance machinery MAY be treated as GUR. d. Animal scrapings and bird droppings MAY be treated as Abnormal Course Conditions. e. All artificially surfaced roads are immovable obstructions, and relief without penalty MAY be taken. f. Gully pots are immovable obstructions, and relief without penalty MAY be taken

4. Staked Trees (Rule 16.1f) Staked tress or plastic watering tubes are no-play zones. Relief without penalty MUST be taken if interference with stance or swing under this rule occurs.

5. Practice Putting Green (Rule 13.1f) The Practice Putting Green is a wrong green, and relief without penalty MUST be taken.

6. Fixed Sprinkler Heads (Rule 16.1b) Fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions. In addition, relief MAY be taken if a greenside sprinkler head within two club lengths of the ball obstructs the intended line of play. Exception: Ball in a penalty area. 7. Practice On The Course Practice or play on the course before or between rounds of a competition is permitted 8. Competitions Held Over 2 or more Days Competitions held over 2 or more days are to be played to the tee and pin positions of that day.

9. Use of Buggies During Competition Buggies may only be used by players registered as disabled or with a medical exemption certificate. Playing partners are not permitted to ride on the buggy.

SAFETY ON THE COURSE Players must, at all times, respect the safety and wellbeing of all other persons on the golf course and surrounding areas. A public right of way exists crossing the 2nd, 5th, 10th, 11th, 15th and 17th holes and along the left hand side of the 2nd hole. Players must give way to pedestrians on these rights of way. Greens Staff have the right of way at all times. Any accidents or incidents must be reported to the Manager as soon as possible for recording into the Accident/Incident Book.

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