Bryan Baldwin to Chair of Green

Your Suggestion / Comment

Can we get the divot repair boxes onto the par 3’s as soon as possible ? All the excellent work done by greens over the winter giving us a brilliantly prepared course may be undermined on the par 3 tee boxes because we can’t repair / fill the divots made. I take a bag out with me each round but by the time I’ve reached the half way point I’ve normally used all the contents on fairway divots made by others

HGC Response


We have now placed an order for two additional divot boxes so that we are able to place a box on each of the Par 3 holes. There are divot boxes on the 4th and 7th now and when the new ones arrive will be placed on 14th and 16th.

There is evidence that other than the divot boxes on the 1st hole the other boxes are not widely used by all members but for those who wish to they will now have the facility to do so.

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