Colin Cubley to CHAIR OF GREEN

The condition and presentation of the general playing area of the course is greatly improved.   However I do feel that the paths need some attention. Particularly the path from the men’s 18th tee up to the fairway which has not been repaired since the storm damage last year.

There are weeds and grass growing through, stones from the base showing and generally a very uneven surface which goes a scruffy image.   Also I am not a fan of the very wild grasses around the 18th tee which just gives an unkempt appearance. Other members have also made comments and I would appreciate the reasoning behind this.

One other comment is that there is still the odd bunker with virtually no sand in. An example is the one left of the 9th green. With some prestigious matches and tournaments coming up I don’t think the top players will be too impressed with this.


Good afternoon Colin

Firstly my apologies for a delayed response to your email, the last two weeks have been exceptionally busy!!

I am pleased that you have recognised an improvement in condition and presentation of the playing area of the course.

Regarding the paths. As you will appreciate the paths throughout the course have been a problem area for many years now.

The cost of replacing the paths with a more suitable surface is prohibitive at this moment in time when prioritising against other issues under consideration.

That said, the green staff ably assisted by the small number of volunteers we have and who attend each Monday, have worked extremely hard in recent weeks to tidy the existing paths and remove weeds etc.

This is a time consuming exercise as all weeds need to be removed by hand as spraying with weedkillers on pathways in constant use is impossible.

Hopefully you have seen an improvement in terms of the weeds on the path from the 18th since you submitted your email. In respect of the path on 18. This is a very poor path and every time we have any heavy rain it suffers from washout of the stone.

I have spoken with the Course Manager and when time permits we will endeavour to use the digger to level the path and then a whacker plate to finish off.

This will only be a short term fix and a longer term solution needs to be found which may include laying a suitable base and then finishing with a suitable top layer be that artificial turf, tarmac, bonded resin etc.

In respect of the longer grasses growing on the banking to the 18th tee. I note your comments, but can also report that in recent days I have had feedback from several members who are now in favour of letting the grasses grow on this banking and other areas of the course.

As to the reasoning for allowing the grass to grow. Cutting the banking takes in excess of two hours each week and needs to be carried out weekly if it is decided we should do so.

This is time which in the opinion of the Course Manager and myself can be better served on the playing areas of the course. In respect of this area and other non playing areas of the course where we are allowing the grasses to grow to encourage wildlife and insects whilst also reducing time and energy costs in routinely maintaining a non playing area.

The area is still being managed and subject to application of selective weedkiller to encourage the finer fescue grasses and eliminate weeds, over time through this process and cutting hard back twice a year we will further encourage finer fescue which should enhance the visual aspect of this area.

All that said we will keep this issue under review and if a change to the current thinking is deemed appropriate then we will implement that change.

All bunkers have been topped up with sand in recent weeks including greenside on 9.

I am delighted to say that feedback from those involved in the prestigious matches and tournaments to which you refer has been hugely positive in respect of the course and its presentation.

Best regards

Martin Andrew

Good afternoon Martin,

I thank you and appreciate your very thorough replies to my concerns.

I can understand your problems with the paths, particularly the 18th and hopefully a long term solution can be found in due course.

I must admit I am a fan of the ‘wilding’ on the many non playing areas of the course.

Visually it can be most spectacular and gives great definition. I just thought the 18th tee was like an island and didn’t quite work,  However with the treatment you have explained it should soften with time and blend in.

Thanks again and I do appreciate all the hard work you do for the club.

Best regards



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