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I am dismayed that the Men’s Invitation Day on Saturday 10th June is not only a pm Shotgun start, making it difficult for some visitors and members to participate, but also the £50 fee includes a compulsory bacon bap on arrival, which some may not want and a limited choice of Lasagne or Vegetarian option, which many would also choose not to have for dietary or other reasons.

When I enquired if another choice from the menu could be placed I was told it would have to be paid for over and above the £50. This seems far too restrictive.

Whilst I understand the need to increase bar profits and and make the presentation more successful this seems a heavy handed approach to achieve this aim.

HGC Response


To clarify, the format and arrangements for the Invitations this year were the subject of much discussion at the Golf Committee – especially given the poor turn outs and feedback received about last year’s events. As such, the decision was taken to trial a return to a Shotgun format, with different start times for each one. This element of the trial (in terms of actual take up numbers) was seen as a way of helping gauge which would be the most popular for subsequent years events. It was also felt that the option to include a food package would help create a more inclusive and enjoyable experience for members and their guests on the day and create a much better atmosphere for the Prize Giving, hosted by our Men’s Captain Mr Keith Morrison who is attending and supporting the event.

The pricing of the event was pitched to accommodate this food package and the provision of the guests’ green fees and welcome pack.

The Head Professional and the House Manager were both consulted and our view was that the inclusive fee of £50 was therefore proportionate and actually more than comparable to the Invitation costs of similar Clubs in the area. I am able to confirm that the Invitation is fully subscribed for this 1st event and I take from this that HGC members have supported the changes in good faith and are looking forward to a great day’s golf.

I will obviously be reviewing the running of both Invitations this Summer and hope to be able to report back to the Golf Committee & Council that the format and food packages were indeed successful changes to what had gone before.

I am however sorry you are so dismayed by my efforts to improve our Invitations but hope you can accept the rationale for the changes and my assurance that their success or otherwise will be reviewed and assessed for future events.



Thank you for the prompt response. I had no problem with the trial of a shotgun start, which has been trialled before, but felt the afternoon start might exclude a number of guests.

If I am proven wrong on this then I am happy to concede. My point about the food however has not been addressed in the reply because the choice of lasagne or vegetarian option does not suit some people’s taste or dietary requirements. Paying over and above the package to have other choices from the main menu seems unfair.

I fully support the motivation for a more inclusive and better attended Invitation but cannot see the rationale for only having lasagne as an option.



I will speak to the Chef & House Manager to provide an alternative vegetarian option (including an alternative to the pre competition bacon roll) for anyone who makes their preference known on the sign up sheet I placed in the Locker room for that purpose. I will then advise all those playing via email as a final reminder so all preferences can hopefully be catered for.

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