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I genuinely don’t like complaining but have had a number of occasions, particularly on a Tuesday afternoon, when I have bought Guinness only to find it has a metallic or cleaning product taste.

I do not in any way blame the bar staff, who are excellent in what they do, but feel this is an ongoing problem. Only today, 30/05/23 I had to return my drink to have it replaced, twice more until the fourth poured drink was ok.

I asked others to taste and smell the drink and it was agreed that it had the unpleasant taste.

I have brought this up with Dale, the Bar Manager but this problem has still not been resolved. I understand the pipes are cleaned on a weekly basis but do wonder if the cleaning fluid is sufficiently flushed through the system? If it is then the first few pints perhaps need pulling through to get rid of any residue.

HGC Response


Thanks for bringing this to our attention and apologies that the Guinness was not as good quality as it should have been on that occasion.

Having talked this through with Dale, we believe that yours was most probably a ‘first pint’ possibly after a period of rest, maybe typical of a Tuesday, where likely no beer may be pulled until the evening, due to it being Ladies day?

All of the line cleaning chemicals are flushed through each time, so that should not be an issue; however, as there are approx 4 pints in each line, any period of inactivity may cause some quality loss.

We will try and check for this in advance, in future and hopefully avert anything like this again.

I’m glad that the staff have dealt with this to your satisfaction and we appreciate your comments in this regard.  They will of course always replace any drink that does not meet the standard expected.

Thanks, as always, for your support and custom.

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